The Tara Fela-Durotoye Series (“TFD Series”) is a platform and initiative founded by Tara Fela-Durotoye to mentor, empower and support women between the ages of 25-35.  The TFD Series achieves its mission by fostering impactful and life-changing dialogue and mentorship between women and dynamic thought-leaders across a broad range of areas including business, relationships, home, finances and spirituality.

A key tenet of the Series is the principle of paying it forward. Each participant who attends a TFD Series event is charged with paying the opportunity forward by sharing lessons learned, a-ha moments and wisdom gained with those in their communities who in turn will share the gems of wisdom with others – thereby igniting widespread, women-led impact and change.

The TFD Series hosts a number of speaker-led events throughout the year. See below for highlights and resources from each TFD Series event as well as inspiring Pay-it-Forward events led by amazing women across Nigeria!

Upcoming TFD Series events can be found on the calendar. 


Do you have a suggestion for a TFD Series Event or did you recently host a Pay-it-Forward event you would like to share on the site? If so, email us at

The place of a mentor in grooming the next generation of successful women is very critical. I believe strongly in mentoring because part of my success today can be attributed to mentors who supported me and held my hand throughout my journey.

There are many reasons why having a mentor is essential. I will share a few;

1)    A mentor opens up a new network and also gives you access.
2)    A mentor can be your sponsor by investing tangibly in you.
3)    A mentor can place you in strategic places where you can have access to platforms/ opportunities for your gift to thrive.
4)    A mentor provides guidance, foresight and hindsight which will always be valuable in your journey to success.

I am committed to mentoring and developing the next generation of women and I have created several mentorship platforms to reach and impart as many women as possible.
Take advantage of any of the Tara Beauty Rep business model and TFD Series to access mentors that you need for your personal and business growth.