TFD Bride Grooming Academy

The TFD Bride Grooming Academy is a training platform that equips soon to be and newly married women with the skills they require to grow into women of impact in all aspects of their lives.

The Academy focuses on various core areas including, but not limited to, home management, personal care, spirituality, and feminine diplomacy.  

Tara Fela Durotoye will be sharing from her experiences as a homemaker, wife, and mother.

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Being a homemaker is a core part of who I am as Tara Fela-Durotoye. My idea of success is being a good wife to my husband, a good mother to my sons and fulfilling the purpose given to me by God.

As a wife, I am committed to playing my role to help my husband become the best version of himself and providing an environment, primarily our home, where he can thrive.

As a mother, one of my main goals is to help my children discover their full potential by nurturing them, pointing them in the right direction and paying attention to their development while I also provide commendation and support. My desire is for my children to use their God given talent to impact and influence the world.

When it comes to making a home, having a great marriage, succeeding as a mother and having a great career/ business, I strongly believe women can have it all if they desire to and if they have a good support system. I believe it is possible to be a wife, mother and fully fulfill your purpose in corporate or enterprise at the same time. 


I’m blessed to be married to my [friend, coach and lover].. Marriage requires work from both parties, do something everyday that you know will make your spouse happy while constantly thinking about his wellbeing, Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Our marriage has been and continues to be built on the following core principles:

  1. Commitment – Marriage requires daily work from both parties. Do something every day to make your spouse happy and constantly think about his wellbeing. Decide that you are going to stay married. Be committed to your spouse and the vows that you made. 
  2. Submission – For any marriage that will stand, submission is crucial. Commit to deferring to your husband as the head of the home. Remember, submission doesn’t mean you are inferior; it means you allow your husband to take the lead as the man of the house. Every organization, company body has a head, as we defer to our line managers in the same vein we should defer to our head. Where there is no structure, there would be no sustainability. For a marriage to be sustainable, the structure of that marriage needs a definition that can be adhered to
  3. Communication – Communication is key; this is especially true in marriage. Learn to listen and respond appropriately to the words that your spouse speaks and those that remain unspoken. The words that remain unspoken are equally as real to your spouse as those that have been spoken.
  4. Respect – Respect is important. It helps in building a marriage. Put things in place to ensure that you are constantly respecting your husband. Never let the fact that you are doing well cause you to disrespect your husband. There is a saying that a man doesn’t want to be loved but wants to be respected, Though I don’t believe this totally I would like to say respect is a key ingredient in ensuring that your man feels relevant in the home, show him affirmation, affection and admiration
  5. Time – Spent time alone with your spouse as frequently as possible. Go on holiday together or organize weekly date nights. Doing so will deepen the bond between you and your spouse.
  6. Knowledge – Know your own man. Avoid comparisons. Pay attention to his peculiar needs. Understand his love language
  7. The God-Factor – The God factor here is anyone who is willing under any circumstance to use Gods word when they are at a road block, One who places value in simply obeying biblical principles. The God-factor plays an important role in every marriage. Pray for your husband, pray for your home and pray for your marriage. Invite God into your lives as a couple.
  8. Choose right – Marry a man who shares your dreams, values and aspirations; someone whose purpose is tied to yours. Look for potential and don’t be carried away by today’s wealth. I feel very blessed to have a husband who is very committed to me and my own purpose and destiny in life.
  9. Support – When your spouse is a part of what you do, you will get the necessary support that you need to pursue your goals and dreams.
  10. Involve him - If you own a business, do not isolate your husband. Make him feel involved. He should be your first mentor and core support. Keep him in the loop, seek his advice and implement his suggestions as much as possible. As a business owner, I’m consistently being counselled and advised by my husband on things to do and things not to do.


A wife is a nurturer as much as being a mother

I have three amazing boys and raising them is an honour. Being a mother is Motherhood is my chance to impact my values into another human being to ensure the legacy of our family values remains on the earth

  1. Be involved – Make a choice to be involved in your children’s lives. Do school runs, listen to their conversations and hear what they have to say about things.
  2. Build their minds – Encourage your children to ask questions about life. Expose them to things and activities that will build their minds. Encourage them to become avid readers.
  3. Engage them – When your children ask questions, don’t dismiss them. Engage them in conversations. Let them know your perspective on different issues.
  4. Be value conscious – Equip your children with the right value system. Pay attention to what they watch and listen to. Are they in line with the values you want them to live by? Also be aware of the company they keep. Know their friends and the people they listen to outside the home.
  5. Social skills – Talk to your children about the importance of social skills. No matter how brilliant a person is, he or she can only go so far without good social skills. Social skills is how to relate to people, how to cautions to show empathy and God
  6. Teach them about God – Help your children to develop a relationship with God. Teach them God’s word. Teach them about the importance of prayer and show them how to pray. Children learn from example and from you talking. Whatever you want to teach them teach by example
  7. Be deliberate - Never leave anything to chance as a parent. 




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