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Hello Lovely!!!!!!!!


Who else is excited about this?


I am , cause the TFD series is finally back and this time with a Reunion with my mentor Mrs. Awosika.



Mrs. Awosika in this intimate session will share her life lessons on business, family, marriage, finance, friendship, spirituality, and much more.



This intimate 3 hour session with Mrs. Awosika will be inspiring, transformational, and life changing. Also, since its a Reunion, there would be an opportunity for past alumina to reconnect.


Who to attend: Young ladies between age 24-35


When: Tuesday, 24th July.


Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm


Fee: N10000


Venue: To be disclosed after payments have been confirmed.


Don't let procrastination rob you off this opportunity cause it doesn't happen everyday. So,if you would really want to attend this event, Act now by sending a mail to because limited spaces are available.


Don't keep this information to yourself, do well to tell a friend who will appreciate it.. Someone who you know might be looking for this opportunity and you can just be their connector.


We look forward to see you on Tuesday, 24th July.