Hey Entrepreneurs,


It feels great to be back again, and this time to talk about what am passionate about which is “ BUSINESS STRUCTURE”.


Many a times, as small business owners, we make the mistake of building our businesses around ourselves, without necessarily putting structures in place which give the business the strength to thrive in your absence.


So the question now is what is structure? what are the processes required in putting a good reliable structure in place? and how do I build a sustainable business that can thrive beyond me.


Do you need answers to this questions, then register to attend the masterclass come the 3rd of July 2018 as I will be sharing with you how I grew my business from being a small entity to being a  renowned household name in the beauty industry, how I have being able to grow the brand for the past 20 years, and how I achieved going on a sabbatical for a year without fear of losing a grip of my business through having a good structure in place, vision and core values, managing finance, policies and corporate governance.


To attend, send a mail to and follow the steps that would be sent to you, see you guys then….