ASK TFD on Instagram Live - 14 April 2017

Q: What does it take to multiply Branches across the country?

  Have a vision that you want to multiply your growth and create branches

  Document the process as you would if you were to hand over your daily routine to a novice

  Train someone to follow the process

  Replicate across all your stores


Q: How do you manage work stress and balance with other aspects of life?

Realize that work stress is inevitable, but staying stress is a choice. Even when you enjoy the work you do, it will get busier sometimes.

PERSPECTIVE is a huge key to enjoying all aspects of your life.

Change your perspective to work and family responsibilities. If you see it as stress, it would be stressful for you. How can you do this?

  Speak to yourself. Like David, encourage yourself

  Make the choice to be full of joy, and dress the part. Dress up, look good and go out with

positive energy, against what you feel like


To be unhappy is a choice; to be stressed is a choice. My choice is to be full of JOY – Tara Fela-Durotoye


Q: I want to start a business line. I don't know the first step to take

 Decipher your expertise:
Are you great at innovating new products, or do you have great marketing skill? Decide on your

expertise and build your offering around that.

 Find people who can help you:

No matter your expertise, you can't do it alone. Find and connect with the right people. People will help bring your dream to life.

Q: Why are you visiting all your branches and what do you hope to achieve?

"I am on a listening tour to all House of Tara locations. The goal is to feel the vibe of our employees, connect with them on a deeper level, and gain appreciation for the work they do. HOT staff interact with our customers more than I do, time spent with them gives me valuable feedback."

The tittle 'CEO' is a huge responsibility and to whom much is given, much is expected. All CEOs and people building organisations need to find ways to bridge the mental gap created by our culture where Boss-Employee relationships are non-existent or at best, characterized by fear. How?

  Find ways to listen in, break barriers and open communication lines

  Create a good atmosphere for feedback, and don't be defensive when it comes

  Deal with employees as people, not a business building tool. Sometimes, we get so carried

away doing business that we forget that business is about people

  Teach your employees how to become leaders on their own


Don’t get so carried away doing business that you forget business is about people – Tara Fela-Durotoye


Q: How do you find the right team to work with you?

  Trust and work with your intuition: Entrepreneurs have this 'sixth sense', a 'gut instinct'. Sometimes, you just know. Trust that.

  Beyond skill, look out for attitude and values: Your team would interface with your clients. It is important that they have a kind attitude.

  Look out for someone with a similar value system and approach to life to yours.

  Keep your people engaged, and invest in them. Skill can be built


Q: You make it look so easy. How do you ensure all the relationships in your life are intact?

It is not easy but worth the effort. I know how much my relationship with my husband and friends mean to me. These relationships improve the quality of my life and I make the EFFORT to nurture them. Develop systems and create habits to keep the love in your relationships aflame.

Don't be so focused on your achievements that you do not enjoy the process - Tara Fela-Durotoye


Q: How can I get my husband to believe in my vision?

  Realize that marriage is a partnership that spreads to various parts of your life

  Learn to communicate the vision clearly: Talk to your spouse about the dream, the plan and

the expected results. Share our thoughts with them and the benefits for the family. He

needs to understand and see what you plan to achieve.

  Involve your spouse in the process: Get his buy-in, ask for advice, share your ideas with him, and make him a part of the entire process such that he feels ownership and responsibility towards your project. When you succeed, you both WIN and it’s a shared victory.

 Believe enough: Your excitement and energy as you discuss your vision is contagious. If you don't believe in your vision enough, it's difficult to get someone else to believe with you.

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